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The Possibilites Are Endless

Machine: Juaristi CNC Horizontal Mill

Specs: Giant 20' CNC Powered Rotary         Table With 360° of Motion 

Uses: All Kinds of Milling, Drilling &           Boring for Extremely Large  or Difficult Projects.  360° Rotary Table Saves Time & Money By Only Having to Do One Set Up and Letting the Machine Do the Rest.

Machine: Femco CNC Vertical Mill


Uses: Incredible CNC Mill With Full  Range of CNC Milling, Drilling,                   Boring & Machining Capabilities.               One of Our Most Efficient, Cost-                 Effective Milling Options.

Machine: Takasawa & Fryer

                   CNC Lathes


Uses: Great Machines For Production     or Large Quantity Orders.  Fast,       Cost-Effective, High Quality Machines.                  

Machine: Boring Mills

Specs: Horizontal Mills to 5" Bar

             Vertical Mills to 101" Swing

Uses: Great Machines for Turning           Outside Diameters, Inside                         Diameters & Faces for Large                     Parts that are too big for Manual           Engine Lathes.

Machine: Manual Engine Lathes

Specs: Up to 24" OD & 25' Long

Uses: The Good Ol' Dogs of the Machine Shop. These Machines Have Been Producting Quality Parts for Decades.

Machine: Planer Mill

Specs: Conventional Planing & Milling   up to 22' long 

Uses: Perfect for Planing or Milling         Extremely Long or Wide Projects or Parts too Big for Standard Mills.

Machine: Vertical Press

Specs: 300 Ton Press Maximum

Uses: Perfect for Disassembling               Gearboxes, Crane Wheels or Pushing Large Shafts out of Gears.  With 300 Tons of Press, You Can't Go Wrong.                     

Machine: Grinders (OD, ID & Surface, Hob & Drill Grinding

Uses: Final Step in Creating Most                   Machined Parts is Grinding, Either In the    ID Finishing Bores After Heat Treat, Finish Grinding OD's for Bearing or Seal Fits, or   Surface Grinding Plates, Racks or Bars.      We Also Offer Gear Cutting Hob and Drill Sharpening.

Machine: Slotter (Keyway Cutting)

Specs: Up to 5' in Diameter

Uses: Many of the World's Machined     Parts (Gears, Hubs, Rotors, etc.)             Use Keyways to Hold Parts in                   Place.  Our Manual Slotters Help             Make this Possible.