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History of Premier Gear
Our Business was Built on Honesty, Customer Service & Quality Products.

     PREMIER GEAR & MACHINE WORKS was established in 1923 as a specialty shop. It utilized a small portion of an existing blacksmith shop only a few blocks from its present location. The original work force consisted of the two owners who constituted the total operating personnel. The initial idea was to make special gears on a jobbing basis. Through the years it has progressed to the present size of one acre of manufacturing and office space and approximately thirty employees. The only thing that has not changed is the original concept of producing “quality with pride”.

     During its years of growth, it is important to note that the total variety of products has expanded in unison. PGW has the capacity of gear work from one inch (25mm) in diameter, to the mammoth size of over twenty feet (6m) in diameter. During its history it has made countless machine parts for people in all walks of life: from gears that raise the bridges over the Willamette River, to gates and cylinders that help harness the Columbia River at the various dam sites. We have produced small special shafts for garden rototillers to the massive carriages and mechanical system for Nike Missile sites across the “DEW Line”.

     Today we are probably best known in the plywood industry for our lathes, chargers and related components. For the last 50 years Premier has spread its name to the international market, marketing not only our plywood equipment but also other specialty items such as suction roll drilling machines and automatic mechanical car parking machines. We now have equipment throughout the world in some twenty-four countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Scotland, Africa, India, Chile, Sweden, and Iran.

     In 1978 we were presented with the “Governor’s International Marketing Award” by the State of Oregon for “continuous and outstanding achievement in international marketing” for small business.
We limit the variety of products we manufacture with the express purpose of improving technology and maintaining leadership in our fields. We are well aware that one company cannot be all things to all people. Remaining small, comparatively speaking, to our foreign competitors, we know we can offer individual service to our customers on a more personal basis. Although we maintain maximum standardization of parts, we design and build each new system based on specific needs of the client.

     Whether dealing with the giants of industry or the smallest family business, we have found that each has their own particular requirements. We make every attempt to fill these specific needs without compromising quality.

For over eighty years we have been privileged to serve worldwide industry with pride and precision. We will continue to serve with the same commitment and quality.

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