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Wind Energy is one of the fastest growing green energy industries in the world. Not only are new wind farms built every year, the need for the maintenance of existing wind turbines is greater than ever.

Currently, there are approximately a quarter of a million large wind turbines operating around the world. With the existing green initiatives in the U.S. and other nations, this number can only increase.

A turbine that is out of commission can cost thousands of dollars a day during peak months. That’s why, here at Premier Gear and Machine Works, we provide customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know, when a turbine goes offline, your project cannot wait.

Here at PGW, we go uptower, minimizing the downtime of any turbine by providing needed maintenance, including:

  • Yaw Ring Restoration

  • Gearbox Gear Repair

  • Yaw Drive Rebuilds

  • Restoration to OEM Standards

We save our clients thousands as we rapidly provide new parts, reverse engineering, and 24/7 support.

PGW provides wind tower services across the globe. Puget Sound Energy, EDG Energy, Motion Industries, Iberdrola, Vestas, PGE, and Suzlon are just a few of the many companies we have worked with to repair turbines and get wind farms working at optimum capacity.

We're Geared Up For Wind!

Helping Change the World, One Wind Tower at a Time.

Uptower Yaw Ring


We save save you MILLIONS by repairing Yaw Drive Ring Gears uptower.  Premier Gear & Machine Works is performing critical uptower repairs for well-known Wind Energy companies nation-wide

Full-Service Gearbox Repair & Service

Complete Yaw Drive Repair to OEM Standard

Have an idea you'd like to make reality?


We'll build you one

from scratch.

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